Warning Signs You Are Dating an Emotional Bully

Everyone dreams of a healthy and stable relationship. We perceive it as a source of happiness as if it is the last piece of the puzzle that we miss to become delighted and satisfied. Even though it seems easy to find a partner since you can download a dating app and start your search there right away, it is a real challenge that not everyone can meet. So, when you start dating a person who meets at least some of your requirements, you can be in the seventh heaven and turn a blind eye to warning signs that it is a wrong person for you. And exchanging sweet messages after reading snapsext reviews doesn’t mean that you are a perfect match, and you will never meet anyone better.

1. You constantly care about your partner's feelings

If you are dating an emotional bully, then the chances are high that they blame you for all their grievances, misunderstandings, sorting things out, and scandals. Thus, you are guilty in their opinion that you have spoiled their mood and provoked a showdown on such a good evening, for example. Talking about warning signs, your partner does not accept their responsibility in any situation, and you are the only guilty person here. All your attempts to share your feelings are treated and positioned as scandal, hysteria. You are forced to apologize and admit guilt to calm them down. You can be blamed for selfishness and stupidity, so over time, you get used to feeling guilty.

2. You are under constant control

Your partner is constantly in touch with you, and you have already got used to frequent calls and messages during the day. You face questions about where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, and how soon you will be free. Such control is often disguised as concern for your safety and love, but its downside is the lack of personal space, interests, and boundaries. The bully creates a reality in which you cannot imagine your life without this person. Another example of hidden control is frequent and unexpected plan changes, as well as surprises that you cannot refuse.

3. You face unpleasant remarks and jokes, depreciation

When you start dating, you hear compliments and pleasant words from your partner. However, over time, you may notice trifling, and sometimes cute, but pretty painful comments and jokes. Such things demonstrate that the partner resorts to manipulative statements that it is hard to recognize right away. All your strengths or achievements in any area are treated as unimportant. When it comes to your success, your partner does not support the conversation and changes the topic.

4. You face emotional swings

When you date an emotional bully, their attitude often changes from incredible warmth and closeness to absolute coldness and indifference. The partner does not explain the reasons for such behavior, which provides space for manipulation since you start looking for the reason for their behavior in your words and actions. And the one who seeks will always find.

5. Your relationship develops very rapidly

Emotional bullies tend to force relationships since they are always about emotional swings. At first, it is about incredible mutual understanding and intimacy, and words like, “You are not like everyone else.” Over time, you become "like everyone else," "I thought you are different," "See what you do to me." Even though at the initial stages, such episodes rarely happen and disappear pretty soon, they will become an ordinary thing with time. Such relationships resemble drug use, and if you don’t break up, you will be left high and dry.